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Leek Soup with Sausage

I try to add turmeric to my recipes as often as possible.  It has a rather mild flavour in my opinion but it is said to have a lot of health benefits.  Many hearty dishes such as this soups make it rather easy to incorporate some of this spice. Ingredients 2 sausages of your choice, sliced olive [...]

Gori Gom Tang – Korean Oxtail Soup

When I grew up, I ate all sorts of different types of meat including organ meat.  My favourite dish as a kid used to be the German meal chicken hearts on rice.  And my favourite cold cut was “Zungenwurst” made from cow’s tongue.  I am not kidding… In Germany, butchers sell all sorts of cold cuts, [...]

Mohrrübensuppe – German Carrot Soup

Last night, we had the first snow storm.  It isn’t even winter yet… When I woke up, everything outside was covered in a white blanket.  I used to like snow a lot but last winter was just too long and miserable. We had way too many snow storms; we had been snowed in too many [...]

Thai Pumpkin Soup

I have been cooking and baking with pumpkin for only a few years now; but once I tried to prepare pumpkin dishes myself, I was hooked.  I don’t know what took me so long because there are lots of great pumpkin recipes out there.  Maybe I can get you hooked as well with some Iced Pumpkin Cookies or some Pumpkin Cornbread ?  Since autumn [...]

Tomato and Bean Soup with Rosemary and Basil

I love this soup because not only is it entirely homemade and healthy but also because it contains beans.  The garbanzo beans add texture, taste, and it makes the soup heartier.  You will feel full longer. We had a very warm, well actually very hot week here in California but today the forecast promised some [...]

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