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Bierocks – Volga-German Meat Pastries -Wolgadeutsche Fleischpasteten

Bierocks by Baltic Maid

Bierocks are rolls filled with a meat and cabbage. This pastry or hand pie, whatever you want to call it, is perfect for picnics, parties, and potlucks. Or make it on the weekend for a dinners throughout the week. Bierocks can be eaten warm or cold, whatever you prefer. Kids love these pastries. Bierocks are [...]

Rice Pudding – Milchreis

Rice Pudding by Baltic Maid

This dessert seems to be popular in many different cultures. In Germany, we call it Milchreis and it is eaten as a dessert or even light sweet meal. You can buy Milchreis ready made in the stores in the refrigerated section. It can also be bought in little packages with a mix of dry ingredients [...]

Pigs-in-a-Blanket Bites – Würstchen-im-Schlafrock-Häppchen

Pigs-in-a-Blanket Bites by Baltic Maid

I love the names for this dish. The English name pigs in a blanket always makes me smile. The German name is Würstchen im Schlafrock. “Schlafrock” has different meanings. When used in reference to food it means “wrapped in dough”. “Schlafrock” is an old German word for bathrobe. It is not used anymore in the [...]

Mashed Potatoes with Sweet and Sour Cabbage and Bratwurst – Süβ-saurer Kohl mit Stampfkartoffeln und Bratwurst

A little while ago I tried sweet and sour cabbage wedges. And I was in love with it. I like fried cabbage without the sweet and sour addition. I like it a lot actually, alright I love it…  But oh my, adding the sweet and sour taste takes this dish to another level. What an [...]

Eisschokolade – German Chilled Chocolate-Milk Float

Eisschokolade is a popular drink in German street cafés. It is definitely one of my favourite drinks. Imagine a warm summer day. The sun is shining. You meet up with friends in a street café, talk, watch the people walk by and enjoy a cold drink. My choice would be an ice cold chocolate milk [...]

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