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Chicken Sandwich with Mango Curry Sauce – Hähnchensandwich mit Mango-Curry-Sauce

Chicken Sandwich with Mango Curry Sauce by Baltic Maid

This chicken sandwich is relatively simple to prepare. The flavours are what make this sandwich so incredibly tasty. The chicken is marinated in the famous Cuban Mojo Marinade. It is baked and then topped with Mango Curry Sauce. The lettuce, tomatoes, and onions add some freshness to the sandwich which is then perfected by using [...]

Iced Coffee – Eiskaffee

Iced Coffee by Baltic Maid

This iced coffee is very similar to the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The Vietnamese version is warm coffee served with sweetened condensed milk and then poured over ice cubes. This iced coffee version is very similar to this Vietnamese coffee. The differences are that the coffee is chilled not warm, and the ice cubes are made [...]

Indian Pineapple-Chicken Kebabs – Indische Hühnchen-Ananas-Schaschlik

I love dishes that are easy to make. I love spices. I love vegetables. I love healthy meals. I love sweet fruity flavours to accompany hearty dishes at times. This Indian Pineapple-Chicken-Kebab recipe has it all. Do I need to say more? It is simply an absolutely wonderful and delicious yet easily prepared meal. Indian Pineapple-Chicken Kebabs [...]

Asian Hoisin Meatballs

Last year I went to a Hmong New Years Festival in California. I love learning about different cultures but being emerged in a one that is different from mine is my favourite way of exploring. Of course, the food plays a big role in my world and so I had to try some food I never tried before. The [...]

Indian Mango Relish

I am a huge fan of sweet sauces, relishes or salsa served with meat dishes. This Mango Relish will add a wonderful sweet flavour to whatever dish you decide to serve it with. I opted for some easy, grilled chicken to go with it. The flavours worked really well together. This is such a delicious, simple, and quick dish. Indian Mango Relish [...]

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