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Rice Pudding – Milchreis

Rice Pudding by Baltic Maid

This dessert seems to be popular in many different cultures. In Germany, we call it Milchreis and it is eaten as a dessert or even light sweet meal. You can buy Milchreis ready made in the stores in the refrigerated section. It can also be bought in little packages with a mix of dry ingredients [...]

Fufu – Mashed Plantains – Zerstampfte Kochbananen

Fufu, Mashed Plantains, by Baltic Maid

I like the idea of eating less meat but going entirely vegetarian is something I wouldn’t want to do. Eating less meat on the other hand, is definitely something I strive to do. There are a lot of delicious meat free recipes out there these days. There are way more vegetarian recipes than non-vegetarians might [...]

Grilled Ripe Plantains – Plátanos Maduros a la Parrilla – Gegrillte Kochbananen

I am hooked on plantains. It’s only been a few years since I have first tasted plantains but since then I cannot get enough of them. I love trying new recipes and there seem be a lot of different ways of preparing plantains. So far every recipe has been delicious from tostones to fufu and [...]

Cinnamon-Quinoa Bake with Sunflower, Pumpkin, and Flax Seeds – Gebackener Quinoa mit Zimt

This sweet quinoa dish is a perfect start into the day. It is healthy, gluten free and will keep you full for a long time… and it is really tasty. Don’t limit yourself to a slice for breakfast, this dish makes a great snack or dessert as well. Cinnamon-Quinoa Bake with Sunflower, Pumpkin, and Flax [...]

Blueberry-Banana Pancakes – Only 3 Ingredients

These pancakes are absolutely incredible. The ingredient list is really short. All you need are one banana, one egg, and blueberries. Use some honey or maple syrup for serving. These pancakes are gluten free and healthy. They are also whipped up in no time. No measuring cups or a lot of dishes necessary. The texture [...]

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