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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!  Hope you all have some fun! We have not carved our pumpkins yet but I had to put up something food and Halloween related… P.S. And no, I did not mix up Easter and Halloween, thank you very much….

Harvest Time

We spent this summer in the mountains of California, and I had the opportunity to grow a vegetable and herb garden.  After a lot of work, it finally pays off.  It’s harvest time, and I am very excited.  I grew acorn squash, zucchini, lots of different types of tomatoes, beans, pumpkin, carrots, lettuce, and lots of [...]

Fishing in the Sierra Nevada

My husband and I went fishing this week.  We went to a lake which is located at an elevation of 2,130 meters (7,000 ft) in the Sierra Nevada.  It is breathtakingly beautiful there.  But it gets even better, we caught 5 trout.  And one of them was really big.  We were fishing at the dam [...]

Happy Easter!!!

  Last year, I spent Easter with my husband in Romania where we lived for several years.  There are many Easter traditions in Romania, for example the traditional Romanian Easter eggs.   The traditional ones are painted in black, red and yellow.  Black represents the suffering of Christ, red represents the blood of Christ and yellow represents light.  [...]

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