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Cream Cheese Dip with Hot Pepper Jelly

Cream Cheese with Hot Pepper Jelly by Baltic Maid

I tend to always have a package of cream cheese in the fridge. There are so many easy cream cheese snacks, desserts, and appetizers that can be whipped up in no time. This recipe is as easy as it gets. Simply shape the cream cheese and serve with hot pepper jelly. I am a big [...]

Flan de Queso – Crème Caramel – Flan mit Karamell

Flan de Queso by Baltic Maid

Flan also called Crème caramel is a custard dessert with a caramel topping. The caramel is poured into a small dish which is then filled with custard. Then the flan is baked in a water bath in the oven. The chilled flan will be inverted onto a plate so the caramel sauce is now slowly [...]

S’mores Dip

I absolutely love S’mores. I mean seriously who doesn’t love s’mores. Actually, having said this, my brother might not enjoy them since he does not like chocolate. I am not kidding you… and yes, we are related… Anyways, I was introduced to the real deal campfire s’mores when I traveled to the US for the [...]

Cinnamon Roll Waffles – Zimtschneckenwaffeln

Instead of baking a cinnamon roll in the oven you bake it in a waffle maker. Isn’t this brilliant? I love cinnamon rolls, and I love waffles. Combine the two and you have Cinnamon roll waffles. This calls for an original name but I have to admit nothing original came to mind. Maybe you are [...]

Roasted Duck

It is tradition in Germany to exchange Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. When small children are present, the “Weihnachtsmann” (Santa) might visit and hand out presents personally. Usually the kids sing a song or a recite a poem for Santa. On Christmas Eve, many German families eat potato salad and Bockwurst (sausages similar to links). On the 25th [...]

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