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Bocadillo con Queso – Columbian Guava Paste with Cheese – Kolumbianische Guavenpaste mit Käse

Bocadillo con queso can be served as an easy dessert or as an appetizer as well. There really isn’t much too it other than cheese and guava paste but don’t let this simplicity fool you. The combination of flavours is heavenly. The sweet and salty combination is just incredible and addictive as well. This cheese [...]

Mini Apple Pies – Mini-Apfelkuchen

Mini Apple Pies by Baltic Maid

The weather is turning more and more into fall these days. The nights are actually chilly now.  And apples are abundant in the stores. This calls for an apple pie with some ice cream. If you would ask people in other countries what food they would consider to be American, pie would probably always make [...]

Grilled Ripe Plantains – Plátanos Maduros a la Parrilla – Gegrillte Kochbananen

I am hooked on plantains. It’s only been a few years since I have first tasted plantains but since then I cannot get enough of them. I love trying new recipes and there seem be a lot of different ways of preparing plantains. So far every recipe has been delicious from tostones to fufu and [...]

Lamb Souvlaki with Tzatziki in Pita Bread – Lamm-Souvlaki mit Tzatziki im Pitabrot

Lamb and tzatziki are an incredibly delicious combination of flavours. They’re meant for each other. Lamb souvlaki as well as tzatziki are both easy to prepare. And together with some pita or flatbread and some veggies, you have yourself a tasty meal. I also grilled some peach slices to add a little bit of sweetness. [...]

Healthy Fruity Quinoa Cake – Fruchtiger Gesunder Quinoakuchen

This is quite a quite healthy and tasty cake. It contains quinoa which has a high nutritive value. It is rich in proteins, fiber, as well as several nutrients such as manganese and magnesium. It has anti-inflammatory properties and many other health benefits. (more quinoa info here). Besides quinoa, whole grain flour and almond flour [...]

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