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Bailey’s Shake


Who doesn’t love milk shakes? But this shake takes it up a notch with Bailey’s Irish Cream. A chocolate milkshake but with the taste of Bailey’s… irresistible… Once you’ll try this shake you don’t want to drink Bailey’s any other way anymore. Well, maybe that’s not true… Either way, it’s an incredibly tasty treat. Enjoy! [...]

Cuba Libre Cocktail aka Rum and Coke

Cuba Libre Cocktail by Baltic Maid

According to the Bacardi, a soldier celebrated the end of the Cuban War of Independence against Spain with a drink. He ordered rum with coke and lime. , and then offered the toast, “Por Cuba Libre” (“For a free Cuba”). This cocktail is most commonly prepared with white rum. My personal favourites for this drink [...]

Iced Coffee – Eiskaffee

Iced Coffee by Baltic Maid

This iced coffee is very similar to the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The Vietnamese version is warm coffee served with sweetened condensed milk and then poured over ice cubes. This iced coffee version is very similar to this Vietnamese coffee. The differences are that the coffee is chilled not warm, and the ice cubes are made [...]

Tequila with Salt & Lime – Tequila mit Salz & Limette

Tequila Shot with Salt and Lime by Baltic Maid

One of the most traditional ways to enjoy tequila is “neat” without anything added to it. This usually means the tequila is served at room temperature. It might be an acquired taste, and you’re probably better off drinking a more expensive tequila this way in order to actually enjoy it. Another popular way, however, is [...]

Eisschokolade – German Chilled Chocolate-Milk Float

Eisschokolade is a popular drink in German street cafés. It is definitely one of my favourite drinks. Imagine a warm summer day. The sun is shining. You meet up with friends in a street café, talk, watch the people walk by and enjoy a cold drink. My choice would be an ice cold chocolate milk [...]

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