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Cinnamon Roll Waffles – Zimtschneckenwaffeln

Instead of baking a cinnamon roll in the oven you bake it in a waffle maker. Isn’t this brilliant? I love cinnamon rolls, and I love waffles. Combine the two and you have Cinnamon roll waffles. This calls for an original name but I have to admit nothing original came to mind. Maybe you are [...]

Fischbrötchen – German Fish Sandwiches

“Fischbrötchen” (lit. fish rolls) are famous Northern German sandwiches. They are made with fresh fish fillets in a fresh roll along with onions, lettuce, and other toppings. These fish sandwiches are usually sold directly by the fishermen or by fish smokeries so the fish is very fresh. And the rolls, well, I’m talking about fresh [...]

German Poppy-Seed Wreaths – Mohnkranz

Poppy-seed cakes or pastries are popular in Germany and probably other countries as well. I grew up with poppy-seed cakes and pastries, and I love them. However, I can rarely find anything similar where I live but every now and then I really crave a piece of poppy seed cake. Eventually I give in and make some sort of a pastry or [...]

Whole-Grain Sandwich with Salmon and Mango Chutney

 I love smoked salmon. Actually, I like most fish smoked but as opposed to Germany where I grew up near a fishing village, it is rather difficult to come by some freshly smoked fish here. In Germany, my brother and my uncle also smoke fish to perfection. Here, I used packaged, smoked salmon for this recipe. If you have fresh [...]

Grilled Bread

My family used to barbecue quite a lot when I was young. Well, they still do but I just live to far away to enjoy it… But I remember that slices of bread were grilled along with all the delicious sausages and meat etc. It used to be one of my favourite grilled goodies that came [...]

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