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My name is Christin, and I am the creative mind behind this blog. Medicine has always been my number one passion but this blog, however, has been an opportunity for me to nurture my creative side a little bit. I get to explore some of my other interests such as food, cultures, and photography. I really enjoy cooking (and eating, of course ;-) ) traditional food from all around the world.  And I really love photography but I have to confess that I don’t know too much about it. I have learned quite a bit though and improved my photography and cooking skills since I started this blog but I still have a long way to go…

About me, well, I am German, and I grew up in Northeastern Germany on the coast of the “Ostsee” (Baltic Sea), hence the name Baltic Maid for this blog. It reflects my love for the sea as well as my roots.  I love traveling, and I have been very fortunate in my life to be able to explore a few different cultures other than my own. My travels have taken me from India to the US where I currently live. By now, I have actually spent over 10 years living in different places outside of Germany. The funny thing is though the more you explore other cultures the more you actually learn about and appreciate your own. When you are confronted with a different life style, a different way of thinking and doing things, you start to question your own way of life and culture…

In this blog I share my tried recipes. For the most part, they are either international recipes and/or healthy (or healthified) recipes. Maybe you’ll find a recipe or two that you’d like to try yourself. Or maybe you have a tasty recipe that I should try then contact me… :-)

Thanks for visiting and thank you for your support!

Christin aka Baltic Maid

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Welcome to the Culinary Adventures from around the World by the German Baltic Maid.

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