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Iced Coffee – Eiskaffee

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Iced Coffee by Baltic Maid

This iced coffee is very similar to the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The Vietnamese version is warm coffee served with sweetened condensed milk and then poured over ice cubes.

This iced coffee version is very similar to this Vietnamese coffee. The differences are that the coffee is chilled not warm, and the ice cubes are made with coffee. This way the drink is cooler and the ice cubes don’t water down the drink as regular ice cubes would do. It is such a simple and incredibly tasty treat. Be warned though, this drink is very addictive.

Iced Coffee


  • sweetened condensed milk
  • coffee ice cubes
  • strong black coffee, chilled


Pour sweetened condensed milk into a large glass. Add the coffee ice cubes. Fill the glass with the chilled coffee.

Serve with a spoon for stirring.




  • gesüßte Kondensmilch
  • Kaffee-Eiswürfel
  • starker, schwarzer Kaffee, gekühlt


Die gesüßte Kondensmilch in ein großes Glass gießen. Die Kaffee-Eiswürfel dazugeben. Das Glass mit dem gekühlten Kaffee auffüllen.

Mit einem Löffel servieren.


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