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Tequila with Salt & Lime – Tequila mit Salz & Limette

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Tequila Shot with Salt and Lime by Baltic Maid

One of the most traditional ways to enjoy tequila is “neat” without anything added to it. This usually means the tequila is served at room temperature. It might be an acquired taste, and you’re probably better off drinking a more expensive tequila this way in order to actually enjoy it.

Another popular way, however, is to enjoy a chilled (or room temperature) tequila shot with salt and lime. The salt and lime take the edge off the tequila. They reduce the bitterness and the burn. This makes this drink very enjoyable.

Tequila Shot with Salt and Lime

You’ll need

  • shot glasses
  • tequila (chilled or room temperature)
  • salt
  • lime wedges

How to

Fill the shot glasses with tequila.

Take a lime wedge and rub it on the area on the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger. Or lick this area. Then pour salt on it. Grasp the lime wedge into the same hand as the salt.

Now, first, lick the salt off your hand. Second, drink the shot quickly. Third, bite the lime and suck out the juice.

Repeat as desired :-) Enjoy!

Tequila Shot with Salt and Lime by Baltic Maid

Tequila mit Salz und Limette

Gebraucht wird

  • Schnapsgläser
  • Tequila (gekühlt oder Zimmertemperatur)
  • Salz
  • Limettenscheiben

Wie wird’s gemacht

Den Tequila in die Schnapsgläser gießen.

Mit einer Limettenscheibe (oder mit der Zunge) die Fläche auf dem Handrücken zwischen Daumen und Zeigefinger leicht anfeuchten. Die befeuchtete Fläche dann mit Salz bestreuen. Nimm die Limettenscheibe zwischen Daumen und Zeigefinger derselben Hand.

Dann als erstes das Salz von der Hand lecken. Den Tequila trinken und als letztes in die Limette beissen und den Saft auslutschen.

Nach Belieben wiederholen :-)

Tequila Shot with Salt and Lime by Baltic Maid


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