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Hmong New Year Celebration – Part 1

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The Hmong people are an ethnic group from regions in Thailand, China, Laos, and Vietnam.  The Hmong New Year Celebrations are held at the end of the harvest season, usually sometime in November or December.  The city of Fresno in California is supposed to have one of the largest Hmong population in the US;  and Fresno’s Hmong New Years Celebration was expected to attract more than 100,000 people.  Many Hmong, especially children and women dressed in traditional clothing which is fascinating, beautiful, and very colourful.  Music and entertainment was provided, and traditional food was served everywhere.  

I was very excited about the food.  We ate some egg rolls and meat balls.  Everybody was selling these meatballs so they had to be good.  They were grilled and then some sweet sauce was drizzled all over the grilled meatballs… divine…

We also tried a dish called KaPoon Tso.  It looked rather plain so my husband added a lot of the self-serve condiments and sauces.  Maybe two ladles of the red mystery sauce was a little too much. And yes, you guessed right, it turned out to be chili sauce and I did warn him… :-P

The drink or dessert called Na Vam or Nab Vam was intriguing to me.  Most food booths sold it, and we observed that this drink was very popular among the Hmong.  I had to try it.  I was sold alone by just the look of it… I have seen coloured tapioca pearls for sale in my favourite Asian supermarket but until now I had no clue what they would be used for.  Now I know…

The cups are filled with different coloured tapioca pearls and strings.  Then some coconut milk and syrup will be poured over the tapioca, and some ice cubes are added.  Voila, Nab Vam:

We were told to stir it and that’s what we did…

This drink or dessert was absolutely delicious.  The sweet coconut flavour with the texture of the tapioca pearls and strings was incredible. What a delicious treat!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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